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Why Prell?

Iconic brand since 1947

The benefits of Prell® are powerful and timeless, having been well-established over the years. With a modern spin on these fundamental principles, consumers will respond enthusiastically to the evolution of the Prell® brand.

Prell® shampoo is SIMPLE, uncomplicated, and a great value. It is a one-step timesaver that produces clean, good-smelling, healthy hair for today’s “less is more” consumer. Prell® is not a watered down shampoo so a little bit goes a long way to create a rich, thick lather.


  • Natural body and fullness
  • No unwanted residue
  • Prell® Classic is an exclusive water-based formula that is designed specifically to give you a thick, rich lather that gently lifts away daily buildup like residue, dirt, oil and perspiration, and leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny.
  • Alcohol-free so it cleans your hair without causing dryness.
  • Plus, Prell rinses away easily, leaving you with healthy hair that is “squeaky” clean and full of body and shine.
  • Prell® Gentle Care is formulated with gentle surfactants that will leave your hair soft and full, without harming sensitive color-treated hair. It has been tested color safe so you can feel confident you will have beautiful, shiny hair with no risk of harm to your color.
  • Prell® Conditioner is a moisturizing, clean-rinse formula with a special blend of vitamins, proteins, & botanical extracts for everyday use.