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Popular Men's Styles from Prell's Era: The 1940s!

Posted by Prell Staff on

One of the most fashionable eras that had a great significance in today’s trends was the 1940s. Even though it was a time of war, men weren’t fazed about their fashion choices one bit. Some say it was the golden era of suits! From the infamous zoot suit to the more formal one, looking good was at the top of the list. Want to be dapper like men from the 1940s? Hold on to your seats because we’re going to take you back!

The Origins of 1940s Style

During the 1930s, the trending style was big – in a sense that men wore big suits, big pants, big prints and big colors. But when the war started, clothes were given a restriction. Pockets could not have flaps, trousers were not more than 19 inches around the ankle and suits didn’t come with vests. War time clothing influenced men’s fashion. Trench coats, knit undershirts, chino pants, bomber jackets and aviator glasses all have roots in World War II military clothing. Men were also tired from the usual uniforms; thus this gave birth to casual clothing. Printed shirts were worn all day because they couldn’t afford strict codes of dress even after the war was over. But lo and behold, zoot suits came back to popularity. They were described as longer, looser jackets, double pleated pants, big hats and wider ties. Men were eager to put the war behind them. It was the dawn of a new fashion era.

The Staples

Looking good had its rules, and even now we still follow some of them. In the 1940s, suits were made of thick wool. Color schemes ranged from black, blue, gray, brown, and more. Vests had a V neck cut. Everyone carried a pocket squares (a.k.a handkerchief). These were paired with a collared dress shirt that you could tuck in. Suspenders were all the rage back then. The trousers were high waisted and the legs were wide around the ankle. Shoes were mostly lace up oxfords that were leather-clad and had a thick sole. To complete the look, men wore patterned neckties and a fedora.

Who’s who?

Hollywood was making movies hit by hit. It’s no wonder that the style icons in this era were the amazing actors gracing the silver screen. Most notable names were Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable. Not only were they genetically blessed, their looks were enhanced by what they wore. You wouldn’t see them walking down the street in some silly tank top or cutoff shorts. They were the real deal; they dressed to impress.

But the confident, dapper look wasn’t complete without having great slicked back hair. Notice in this decade that the men’s hair was always on point, much as today. Having it really sleek gave men the confidence and real swagger. And to support this, Prell Shampoo was made to provide nourishment to achieve the suave hair all men want. Our contribution to pop culture, then and now, will always remain.

So from your grandfather and father to you, Prell wants to give the same steadfast dedication that it has given to men of all ages since 1947.