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Not Your Ordinary Hair Care Tips for Men

Posted by Prell Staff on

It’s the end of an era where only women seek help in regards to hair care. Enter: men who love their hair enough to take care of it...and take care of their scalps, too! So how do they do it? How do you deal with problems like damage, breakage, greasiness, and product build-up? How about finding the right barber? Give yourself - and your hair - a little TLC. Achieve that healthy looking hair. Here are some care tips in keeping your scalp and hair feeling clean and suave.

Dry the Right Way

We tend to dry our hair by rubbing vigorously because we think it will hasten the drying. Well, that is wrong in some areas. Yes, it will dry fast but rubbing will also cause hair breakage. Remember, hair tends to be weaker when wet and rubbing will only damage it. Our hair, just like any part of our body, needs gentle and loving care. So it’s enough if you just pat it dry with a soft towel or an old, clean shirt. You could also air dry your hair since it’s safe. One can’t go wrong by following the natural way.

Quick Stop Through a Barber’s Shop

Need professional help? Your neighborhood barbershop can get you with that. But before splurging some money on getting those hair treatments, check if you’re in the right place. Is the shop beaming with customers? If not, there might be something wrong with it. People often flock to trusted shops and you should too. And along that line, choose the perfect moment to have an appointment. You want your stylist to give you undivided attention so it’s best to go at the beginning and at the end of the day. Choose the former, when most people are at their freshest and most enthusiastic and can give you a more desirable result.

Be Stress-Free

As they say, your hair is only good as your scalp. Stress can affect both in many ways. Exposure to constant stress can tighten your scalp and cause hair thinning, and most men aren’t really keen on going bald. Blood capillaries nourish the hair and scalp by carrying nutrients and picking up waste from the skin's surface. Any means of constricting these blood vessels (like taking cold showers) can decrease the scalp’s optimum function. Pamper yourself with head massages and warm baths...it's for your health!

Choose the Right Products

From shampoos to hair blowers, these are the golden rules. Do not over-wash because it will just make your hair even drier. Choose a shampoo that does the opposite. To keep our manly hairstyles, we often use heavy and oily products. Grime and dirt will stay if you don’t remove them properly. Put your blower’s temperature to a minimum or lessen your use of it. Intense heat can also cause hair damage. Protect your hair by applying conditioner, it works wonders!

Prell – the Go-To Shampoo

Why choose Prell? Because the right product gives the right results. Its water-based formula is designed to remove dirt, grease and perspiration...leaving your hair healthy and shiny. Being alcohol-free, this is a unique feature that keeps the hair from drying (which can later cause breakage). A special blend of nutrients and botanical extracts help to lock in moisture to achieve that cool and healthy hair. With Prell, hair care for men will just flow with ease. Check it out now!